DORYPHOROS is a word in some Text, I can barely remember what it was, but the word stuck with me for some reason. Doryphoros is named after a Greek sculpture, the Doryphoros, the "Spear-Bearer". The sculpture depicts a solidly-built, well-muscled, standing athlete, originally bearing a spear balanced on his left shoulder. Read more about this amazing sculpture here.

Equally as important as this depiction of the ideal man shown in heroic nudity is the other meaning of the term DORYPHOROS: it came to signify any bodyguard, beginning with the Immortals Guard of the Achaemenid kings, as well as, quite beautifully, the term means "satellite" in Modern Greek.

Sebastian Schaub

All our pieces are handcrafted by the Swiss artist Sebastian Schaub and then cast in Pforzheim, Germany or Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 


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